Apprenticeship & Courses

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a framework of work-based training and learning that can be done to Apprenticeship, Advanced Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship levels. All Apprenticeship programmes comprise an NVQ/Diploma/Certificate, Functional Skills and a Technical Certificate that measures an apprentice’s vocational knowledge and understanding.

All elements of an apprenticeship are based on national occupational standards that prescribe the level and breadth of performance that is expected of anyone working in the relevant vocational area covered by a specific Apprenticeship; training is usually delivered in the workplace.

We offer Apprenticeships in the following:

  • Team Leading
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Supporting Teaching & Learning
  • Playwork
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Health & Social Care
  • We can help you find an employer too!

When you're an apprentice:

  • You get paid and gain vital training at the same time, with at least 20% of your time spent in Off the Job Training.
  • You train to be fully competent in your chosen occupation.
  • You’re on a career path that has real potential to boost your skills and earnings for years to come.

Your Apprenticeship can take between one and six years to complete, depending on which Apprenticeship you choose, what level it’s at, and your previous experience in the role.
You get valuable hands-on experience working whilst you learn, which helps you progress in your chosen industry.

Completing your Apprenticeship means you’ve earned and learned simultaneously. With your training being funded by contributions from the Government and your employer you’ll receive a regular salary. Apprenticeships are the perfect option for getting on the job ladder and supercharging your career.

All Apprenticeships make sure you’re ‘job ready’ for the role you’ve undertaken training in.
Apprentices receive a salary from day one of their employment, with the training they receive only adding to their earning potential as they progress through their chosen course.

If you think you need to hone your skills with work experience as you go before being ready to apply for your chosen Apprenticeship – you could consider doing a Traineeship.


Traineeships are 6-8 week course, giving you relevant certificated training in either, Construction, Health & Social Care, Retail & Sales, Charity Work, Social Media Marketing and Engineering. This is valuable for your knowledge and CV, giving you the edge in what employers really want!

You will gain 6 weeks of valuable work experience on a relevant placement linked to the vocational area you are interested in. This is a great way to get to know the job as well as gaining a feel for the sort of people the employer is looking to bring on board. You also get to see those hidden jobs that are advertised internally, prove your worth to a potential employer and prepare yourself to move onto a paid Apprenticeship.

We will support you all the way with interviews and get a reference from your specific placement to show to your new potential employer what you’ve achieved so far, unless you’ve moved into a paid role with at your Traineeship placement directly.

We will help you to progress into an apprenticeship or employment as quickly as possible.